Laser Treatment

What is Laser Treatment

Lasers are focused light energies, which can be used to target very specific parts of the skin, such as a discoloured area, a broken blood vessel, a tumour, or hair follicles. Lasers use focused light energy to heat, or destroy targeted areas. As the energy is focused, lasers have the ability to target specific areas without affecting surrounding areas, which make them ideal for cosmetic procedures.

Laser technology has made significant advances in the field of medicine, and especially in dermatology, allowing for a wide range of improvements and treatments. A wide variety of lasers are available, providing various uses for the patient and dermatologist. Laser technology can be used for various purposes ranging from hair removal to wrinkle correction.

While it is beyond the scope of this site to provide detailed information on each laser, we provide relevant information for patients who are considering a laser procedure about basic expectations, how the procedure works, and rough costs, as well as advice in preparing for the procedure, and recovery.

Some of the more popular uses in dermatology include:

Pigmentation Removal

Pigmentation is very common, and can result in an uneven skin tone. Sun damage is the cause of most skin problems that result in Hyperpigmentation, such as sun spots (solar lentigo), and melasma. In some cases, friction can cause darkening of the skin, by activating melanin in the skin. Lasers can target pigmented areas, and correct Hyperpigmentation, evening out the skin tones in targeted areas.

Skin Tightening

Minor skin laxity is a common problem, especially as we age and our skin loses flexibility. Sudden change in weight or general aging can cause the skin to droop or appear less tight. Laser light can help tighten the skin to a certain extent. Laser damages certain areas of the skin in a controlled manner, which benefits the skin by promoting increased collagen, which tightens and improves the skin quality and overall appearance.

Vascular Problems

Vascular problems such as spider veins, broken blood vessels on the face, and birthmarks are all common flaws that can be bothersome to many people. In some conditions like Rosacea, vascular problems become common. Lasers can help to breakdown the blood vessels.

Tumour Removal

In most cases, cancerous lesions are removed by surgical excision with a large border to maximize the chance that the entire tumour is removed.

Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a popular procedure for both men and women who wish to reduce unwanted or excessive body hair. While laser hair removal will not eliminate all the hair, it does have a permanent effect in reducing the number of hair that will grow from the treated area. Laser hair removal targets the color from the hair, and is thus, more effective in treating darker hair in individuals with a light skin tone.


Although acne itself is best controlled with topical treatment, or in severe cases, oral treatments, acne scarring presents another cosmetic problem. Acne scars can be a challenge to correct, but lasers can help correct superficial scarring.

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